#00002 - Pharaoh's Kingdom
#00002 - Pharaoh's Kingdom

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#00002 - Pharaoh's Kingdom

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Pharaoh's Kingdom (Run of 20)

Designer's Notes
This image first took the shape of a native American totem but eventually transitioned into this face resembling a Pharaoh. For me, the word 'Pharaoh' is instantly associated with a band my mum was a part of in the 70s, Pharaoh's Kingdom


No crazy branding, slogans or logos, Originals give you subtle limited edition artwork designed using Taoist design principles. Each T-shirt is individually labelled with the press number and design name printed on the inside neck.


These are made to order, so they may take up to 2 weeks to reach you (usually will be before this), but they will be worth the wait.

Shipped in an all-recyclable packaging box with our recycled bookmark included.