About the Youth Market

We are proud to be London's first and best Youth Market. The Youth Market opens up new audiences for aspiring 16-25 year olds so that they can take their business idea further. Our platform aims to promote local talent and equip them to go out and make an impact in the world.

All of the products you'll find here have been hand crafted and are the result of passion, time, energy and care. You'll find things you simply wouldn't be able to buy elsewhere.

We have worked to unearth and curate an exciting line-up of local creatives who we are incredibly proud to show to the world.

About Make Shift Foundation

Make Shift Foundation exists because we believe enterprise is a powerful tool for social inclusion and meaningful urban regeneration. We work with 16-25 year olds because we believe they have the power to shape the future of their communities, yet they are seldom seen or heard in a positive light nor given the opportunity to create change.